Meet the Farmgirl

Nicole Jones

Nicole grew up learning about Victorian home and furniture restoration from her parents back in Illinois so it was natural as an adult for her to roll up her sleeves and forge her own path with the tricks of the trade she learned from them. Nicole and her mother owned a furniture store in Aurora, Colorado and saw the circle complete as her own daughter has grown up helping out in the family business.

Then in fall of 2014, an accident with a young driver who was texting, changed everything for her and her young family as Nicole found herself in the hospital requiring a wheelchair and constant care. Sadly she was forced her to close her store but needing to sell off her inventory she and her mother became a vendor in a vintage market in Denver and Nicole saw a new possibility of work for herself.

Nicole began Simply Vintage Market, with events scattered across Colorado, to have greater flexibility and time with family as she got herself back on her feet again (literally). It kept her in the industry she loved and she found she had a knack for organizing events well liked by both vendors and attendees.

Greener pastures came calling with a move to a new home in Pueblo, CO with open land for their growing family of dogs and adopted rescue horses. Nicole once again found opportunity knocking and was drawn to the shops in the quaint downtown on Union Street in Pueblo. She rented space in a store, then needed more space, and finally decided to open her own shop in August of 2017. The Downtown Farmgirl planted her roots and is back to doing what she loves: picking for treasures and sharing her talents with a paintbrush.

P.S. Yes, this is our baby. Her name is Bessie, she is a 1953 International Harvester. We saved her from dying in a field. You’ll see her cruising Pueblo this summer!